The Toronto Design Offsite Festival (TO DO) is an annual city-wide platform for the exhibition and engagement of independent design in Toronto, showcasing unexpected prototypes, immersive installations, and unique programming, January 19-25, 2015.

TO DO is an annual festival that celebrates the unique diversity of Canada’s energetic design scene. TO DO provides exposure for the country’s most promising designers and introduces the public to the practice of design with events featuring great thinkers, practitioners and educators. The not-for-profit festival attracts the international community to Toronto for one design-filled week of discovery every January.


The Team


Natasha Lebel, Acting Executive Director
Deborah Wang, Creative Director
Sarah Frankel, Development Director
Andrea Vermeulen, Marketing Director
Ryan Planche, Operations Manager
Michael R. Madjus, Communications Coordinator
Nadia Yau, Marketing Manager
Laura Zarnke, Development Coordinator
Vanessa Toye, Programs Coordinator
Simon Mhanna, Outreach & Special Projects
Safoura Zahedi, Awards Coordinator
Megumi Kimura Sandoval, Volunteer Coordinator
Philippa French, Grant Writer

Trevor Embury / aftermodern.lab, Graphic Design
Mike Spears, App/Mobile Design
Marcin Barciak, Photography Lead


Andrea Carson Barker
Ilan Ishai
Natasha Lebel
Shaun Moore
Matthew Searle
Deborah Wang


Joy Charbonneau
Shaun Moore
Katherine Morley
Julie Nicholson
Jeremy Vandermeij
Deborah Wang
Christina Zeidler

Thank you

2015 Festival Week Photography: Ashley Agar, Kenneth Chou, Saksham Sharma, Katrina Rook Slawski, Craig Thomson

2015 Festival Week Video Collage: Mohamad Kobeissy

2014-2015 Projects Assistance: Wallis Millar-Blanchaer, Nuria Montblanch, Andrea Vermeulen

2014 Festival Week Photography: Mike Barlas, Enrique Velez Gaudite, Justin Lee, Joey Panetta, Erin Switzer, Janet Szeto

2014 Event Photography: Yvonne Bambrick

2013-2014 Leadership: Gelareh Saadatpajouh, Sanam Samanian

2013-2014 Projects Assistance: Christina Hug, Megumi Kimura, Vivien Leung, Fanny Martin, Alison Snowball, Safoura Zahedi

Want to learn more about our programming, audience, and stats? Click here for our annual report.