Author: Deborah Wang


About the exhibition: ‘In Series’ “The initial impression of a landscape is often of a repeating element, grass for instance, in a field. Closer inspection transforms the repetition into nuanced patterns and rhythm. Series and sets of pottery exhibit this same transformation of repetition into pattern and individuality. Repeating a particular form does not result […]Continue Reading


Do Good, Do Design, Do Things That Matter. TO DO Talks 2016 Call for Submissions “If every one of us would leave things a little bit better than when we found them we would do a lot of good.” – David Berman, author of Do Good Design   One of the challenges we face is […]Continue Reading


After an 11 day run at WantedDesign Brooklyn, ‘Outside the Box’ 2.0 is packed up and shipped out. All boxes are en route to their originating cities. We want to thank Dear Human and 5468796 Architecture for curating the Vancouver and Winnipeg boxes respectively, our project partner WantedDesign for continuing this collaboration with us, the […]Continue Reading


With an anticipated 4,000 visitors, ‘Outside the Box‘ opened May 9th at WantedDesign Brooklyn, part of NYCxDESIGN, the city’s two week celebration of design. Each ‘Outside the Box’ project begins with selecting curators and designers in each participating city to create a collection of thoughtfully designed objects that will fit into a standard Bankers box. […]Continue Reading


Session 02: Collaboration Join us for the second event in the Exporting Toronto Design series on Wednesday, May 20, 2015, 6:30-9:30pm. Two heads are better than one. For its second session, Exporting Toronto Design asks the question: What kinds of projects, initiatives, and events can we work on together to better promote and export Toronto […]Continue Reading