January 15-21, 2018

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Innovation in Craft & Design


Sat, Jan 20, 2018

3:00 pm — 5:00 pm




Interior Design Council of Canada

C536-43 Hanna Avenue



Free, but requires RSVP


Jenny Boucher, Mauricio Navarro Aldave, Rachel MacHenry, Munira Amin


Craft and tradition reflect a deep respect for ancient knowledge. Cultivated experience and unique techniques are regularly at risk of obsolescence as modern technologies sweep in with efficiency and LED screens. With mass culture comes the opposite response: nostalgia for how things were. A desire for handmade and one of a kind objects have come back in abundance, reinvigorating value into our day to day lives. However, one-of-kind does not tend to make for sustainable practice, nor does mass production. How can craft industries enable alternate economies?

Speaking with Canadian designers who work with artisanal populations across the world, this salon will discuss alternate methods of approaching sustainability and innovation in craft & design. Rather than simply relying on these trendy, buzzy words, this conversation will discuss the potential of craft industries to redefine how the market system works and achieve actually sustainable practices. With a goal of opening new economies and inviting in alternate methods, this open style discussion will invite input from all disciplines to consider smart strategies for the future of craft & design economies.

Hosted by Jenny Boucher & Mauricio Navarro of DAR Proyectos Peru. DAR Proyectos is a social innovation model blending design and business partnerships with development training for 300 female artisans. This new collective of entrepreneurship is building an female-based economy by fusing contemporary design with artisanal tradition.

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