RE: Configure is a week-long exhibition, and a pre-Festival week workshop called pRE:Configure, asking questions such as these: Is that useless? Are you sure? Why do the things we consume (whether it be products, resources, or experiences) have to be designed, created, and consumed as disconnected systems? Learn more here. Recently RE: Configure took over Continue Reading


Going into its fifth year, this annual exhibition organized by architect and artist Joy Charbonneau, has been in its past lives Shiny Pretty Things (2013), Associates (2012), Tools (2011), and Heavy Metal (2010). For LIGHT IT UP, designers such as Bettie Cott, Derek McLeod, Rob Southcott, Todd Falkowsky, and more, are exclusively producing new lighting Continue Reading


Turning to the Oxford English Dictionary, the third definition ‘reciprocity’ is most akin with a window installation created  by interior decorators Kelly Margani (Kelly Margani Interiors) and Andrea Santos (I Was Here Designs). 3. Inverse or complementary correspondence; (Photogr.) the correspondence between the degree of darkening of an emulsion and both the light intensity and Continue Reading


Directed by Tim Cawley and showing in Toronto for this first time, From Nothing, Something asks these questions about ideas: But what where do they come from? And what ensures they keep coming? How do you sort the genius ideas from the useless ones? Why invest all this hope and energy into making things in Continue Reading


At Delight Chocolate, visitors are invited to activate the storefront window by interacting with pieces of the wall. Attempting to shed light on the essential elements of our built environment and connect a curious storefront window display with its interior structure, ‘Code Switch’ is an installation created by graphic designer Emery Lane Norton. Moving from Continue Reading