Exclusively for our “Unique Object” Perk, artist and architect Joy Charbonneau has donated Pingualuit Crater, her beautiful letter press and metallic foil print measuring 14″ x 14″ (unframed), for the Festival’s Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign. Know to the local Inuit as the Crystal Eye of Nunavik, the Pingualuit Crater is a nearly perfectly round impact crater […]Continue Reading


The ability to be inspired by a multitude of cultures, without producing another set of “Forkchops” is the driving force and concept behind this show. Not Forkchops gives Canadian artists and designers the opportunity to showcase how this idea of cultural adaptation and adoption has influenced the work they produce in a way that is […]Continue Reading


Festival Talks is a series of short, candid interviews recorded during the 2013 Festival. Our series continues with an interview with Zahra Ebrahim, Founding Principal of archiTEXT, talking about how, in the course of 7 years, she’s witnessed a drastic change in Toronto’s design community. Festival Talks is produced by ALSO Collective with the Toronto […]Continue Reading


Exclusively for our Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign Scott Eunson will open his studio for a private CNC demonstration, where he will talk about his techniques and process. Participants will also get to take home a Surface Forms object from Scott’s recent installation in the ‘Special Delivery’ exhibition at IIDEX Canada, 2012. Get your spot in this event […]Continue Reading


For our Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign Fugitive Glue have donated 10 sets of their Toronto-made bullet candles. Each set consists of 7 magnificent handcrafted beeswax candles made using a Lee Co. mold of .500 Smith & Wesson Magnum bullets finished in a copper jacket to keep your mantel clean. Get yours by contributing in our $75 category! […]Continue Reading